Medical Device Manufacturing

Medical device manufacturers have depended on CTS for decades. Our services provide necessary assurance that critical production environments and products meet expected levels of cleanliness. Maintaining controlled environments and aseptic conditions is our specialty. Downtime is costly. Audit citations are unacceptable. When quality matters, trust CTS. We’ll focus on the standards while you focus on the science.


Biotechnology is a field as diverse as the scientific disciplines that drive it forward. From genetics to biochemistry, embryology, and beyond, the scientists working in this field of study have served humanity with some of the greatest advances of modern times. CTS is proud to serve the biotech community with solutions for maintaining critical work environments and improving quality, health, and safety.


The pharmaceutical industry is controlled by stringent regulatory standards. And with the advent of USP <797>, those standards have extended their reach from pharmaceutical manufacturing to pharmaceutical compounding. Whether you’re manufacturing or compounding – Certification and Testing Service has you covered. CTS specializes in aiding the pharmaceutical industry with regulatory compliance