About Us

  • CTS is a full service cleanroom and hood certifier with most of our customers located in California and surrounding states.
  • CTS also conducts Miroorganism testing for your validation OQ and PQ per ISO and the USP 29 NF 24, (1116)
  • CTS is focused on taking care of our customers needs first and figure the business will take care of itself.
  • CTS will provide, and quote you services you need, based on industry standards no more no less. You decide, and we provide the information to help you get the testing your facility needs.
  • CTS would be happy to send you a competitive quote, just call us and within 24 hours in most cases (depending on the project size) you will have our bid in your hand.
  • CTS will review your SOP’s to insure alert and action levels meet real world events based on our data collection and observations while testing.
  • CTS will provide industry specification training quickly and efficiently.
  • CTS’s Quality Policy and Quality System have been in operation since the inception of the company.

Please call CTS @ 951-894-6079 for a fee for service quote