About CTS

CTS is a full service cleanroom and hood certifier with most of our customers located in California and surrounding states.

Our Services

Chemical Fume Hood/Testing • Biosafety Cabinet • Environmental Monitoring • Laminar Flow Cabinet • Cleanroom Certification


Medical Device Manufacturing • Biotechnology • Pharmaceutical


Certification and Testing Service has been conducting Certification services for the Medical Device , Pharmaceutical and Microelectronic Industries since 1999. Our staff with industry experience of over 19 years knows the importance of keeping your controlled environment in compliance.

CTS provides unrivaled service and dedication to our customer’s needs. Our ability to provide minimally intrusive cleanroom equipment testing and prompt results allows our customers to satisfy the requirements of their cleanroom or critical environment certification with as little disruption to normal work flow as possible.

Our goal is to provide professional services at a reasonable cost. This simple formula has provided us with a strong client base that we continue to serve year after year. Not everyone is an expert in cleanroom testing and certification so we take strides to provide “user friendly” reporting methods for our customers.

CTS will provide, and quote services you need, based on industry standards no more no less. You decide, and we provide the information to help you get the testing your facility needs.

Contact us today at 1.951.894.6079 to schedule service.

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